Peanut butter Oreo Ice Cream

So it’s been a warm couple of days up here in sunny old Canada. But the good news about summer arriving means two things; summer dresses and ice cream. Which brings me to my title, peanut butter oreo ice cream pie. It sounds delicious and is super easy to make, which is fantastic because as Perogie will tell you, any day that I don’t burn down the house is a good day. I’m inept at cooking, really my version if grilled cheese is making toast and melting cheese in the microwave, which apparently is a blasphemy to all grilled cheese.

But I think I can pull off the peanut butter oreo ice cream pie, it doesn’t include using an oven, at all. 

So in my recent few days not much has changed. I still work as a barista and I still sit with my neighbours outside to have a beer on my days off. Other than that the only excitement in my life is from game day and minor crisis at work.

Which is fine, but I should probably explain what game day is because most of my other friends get really confused when I mention it. Game night is where once a week, a few friends and myself get together and play a table top roleplaying game. Nerdy, right? it gets better. Our campaign is based around final fantasywhich just makes is all the more intensely soul crushing. And for those of you who do not know what a table top roleplaying game is; it’s Dungeons & Dragons. Now, if you don’t know what D&D is, I’m afraid you’re just too damn cool for my life. I’m kidding, I’ve had to explain it a million times at work, nerdy cool people need to come to Starbucks more often.

Also, I would like to apologize for my lack of consistency when it comes to blogging. My life just goes through these really nice patches; where nothing exciting happens (or my brain just decides to shut off all creative juice production lines) and then BAM! I feel all sorts of need to write and draw and bake. I would also like to apologize for the seeming whininess of previous posts. I hope that as a more mature person, I will no longer come off, well lame. 

Also, I’m currently sick. And work has been all sorts of an uproar since an employee got tired of the manager not putting up schedules with enough advance, I don’t blame her one bit. However, this does mean that we’re short a staff member, in an already short staffed store. WOO! The glamorous life of work! However, I shall be back at work tomorrow, no matter how sick I feel.

Pic de Jour:


Because I’m feeling all sorts of coffee-ish today and I like Doctor Who.


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Where in the world is Amelia Storm?

That’s me. Kinda, its more of an alias. Amelia Storm, cause Storm is my first name, but I don’t necessarily want to broadcast it to all the creeps on the internet. See, during the bitter cold winter months, my boyfriend started running a Game of Thrones based RP campaign, and I joined in to play. This is my first serious RP and my characters name is Amelia Storm (she’s a bastard from Storm’s End) and thus is how the name Amelia Storm is my alias.

I realized it’s been awhile. I dropped out of school with the plans of going back in the fall. This had recently changed. I feel that spending almost 15 grand to prove a point is a little bit, well, insane? And quite frankly, I’m not sure I could go anywhere in the music industry. So I’m taking another year off, this time, maybe I will go back and take an ILC history class; I missed so much in high school. So much that I would love to go back and do; enter some academic field, go to university. Maybe I’ll stay at Starbucks forever. I’d rather not, but if i end up having kids and a family, maybe it would be for the best if I just worked my way up the corporate ladder?

I don’t know guys, I really don’t know. Is this the joy of being young? Will I never know what I want out of my life? I hate choices. I hate questions.

The good news is  that Perogie and I are still going strong, one year as of May 10th, 2013. We celebrated by going the the Ottawa Comicon which was pretty neat, but most of the guest speakers were wildly expensive, which is pretty sad, but whatever right? No, that’s a lie. I’m actually pretty sad that most of these pop culture actors are charging devoted fans an arm and a leg. Actors whom aren’t super well known, or even though their show is cancelled ( cough cough Firefly) are charging crazy amounts of money. But it’s done, until next year.

Speaking of nerd-like stuff, I have been in love with Doctor Who, since my boyfriend is a huge Doctor Who fan as well. And we recently saw the season finale of season 7, which was mediocre at best? I just found that the second half of the season was lacking. It didn’t have the excitement and credibility that I’m accustomed to from Matt Smith? I don’t know what it is, I just found the shows were almost Hollywood-esque, rather than genuine, heart warming (or heart wrenching) episodes I have become accustomed too.

But with that in mind, I’ll leave you guys with a super cute Doctor Who picture! Especially since River Song is one of my favourites.



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So New York Fries smells heavenly Now.

ALAS! What insanity is this? I recognize that it has been quite a while, many months actually; but I am very sorry my dearies.

So many things have changed:

I have been tattooed again.

I have a boy, steadily; we’ll call him Perogie, some people do-

I moved out of my mumsy’s house. I now live with Perogie, quite happily.

I also now work at Starbucks, wooo! Caffee!

And lastly college is back in session, which means I have a mac (and that I’m spending ridiculous amounts of money to be taught music).

So whilst in class and typing on my heavily expensive MacBook pro (yay student loans!) it comes to my mind that I may be a malicious and cruel individual. I mean, I am as kind hearted and generous as I can be, but some people are really asking to be smacked. Or just set on fire. Probably the fire, I don’t have a very good punch. These people are more so irritating because my coffee is wearing off and I just want to sleep.

But during our (oh so spectacular, super fun) three hour class break, we watched a movie called God Bless America, now this movie is about a man who is sick of the cultural trends in modern day America and he goes on a killing spree with a young girl. Now because I’m a cynical sarcastic young woman in a modern day society, I feel that there are indeed a lot of jerks in this world. And we’ve already gone over part of that list. Honestly, check out the movie though, its fantastic and cutting edge.

Anyhow, I gotta work now 😦


It’s a gamer joke, from Darksiders 2, and although I don’t play it, I find it hilarious. The comic itself is from Penny Arcade.

ciao! 😉



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September 20, 2012 · 8:15 pm

Drinking Tea and Listening to Parkway Drive

Those two things I am doing, and for those “metal” lovers out there, listen to This. As for tea, I’m drinking chamomile tea, with some milk and Irish cream creamer- yes that last part makes sense.

So I do realize my lovelies that it has been four days since my last post; there are several reasons for this:

  • Mom decided to drop taxes on me Tuesday; still haven’t figured that stuff out
  • I’M TIRED. Gimme the week of college being done to relax, screw self-reflection.
  • I’ve been taking care of my sick little puppy 😦
  • I dropped my laptop and typing has become significantly more difficult

and lastly;

  • I’ve been catching up on all my favourite television shows, which brings me to my next point.

I recognize that I missed Wednesday’s list day and as well Wednesday was Harry Potter Day and today is Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you my dearies.

BUT I intend to have a list day today, on a Friday, how bold am I?

BUT  first here is an adorable picture of my sweet puppy that’s currently not feeling good :/

 and alas, another: 

The trauma that poor dog goes through! I’m kidding, she’s extremely well taken care of 🙂

SO for list Wednesday Friday, I will review a list of my FAVOURITE SHOWS. This is gonna be a jam-packed list guys; top-notch quality entertainment (in no specific order).

  1. MerlinOne of my favourite shows that is currently still playing, Merlin is a spin on the classic King Arthur story. In this series, Arthur is a spoiled prince, while Merlin is struggling to hide his magic in a Kingdom that despises his very existence. Through an accident, Merlin becomes the personal servant to Arthur- and incidentally saves his life numerous times as they embark to build the Camelot that stories will sing of. I love the magic and treachery; and character development, Arthur and Merlin act as foils for each others characters, at same time as their own character grows. 
  2. Sanctuary:This is the current series that I am trying to finish, I got kinda lost when school started back up again. This show focuses on the monsters and hidden creatures in the world, dubbed “abnormals”. The Sanctuary is a haven for abnormals where the crew and their fearless leader, Helen Magnus, often face life or death situations and deal with some unusual people along the way, such as; Jack the Ripper, Nigel Griffin and even (my favourite) Nikola Tesla. This is the only tv show where the guy invented radio can diss Jack the Ripper, and I love it. 
  3. Big Bang Theory: A classic, hardly anyone hasn’t heard of the popular sitcom. Personally I prefer it for a nice light laugh, nothing overly hefty where I have to analyse the tv show! I do love how it is the only sitcom with its own physicist on staff.
  4. Terra Nova: A recent show, this has a plot based in the future where the world is dying. A select group of humans have been relocated to an alternate earth from the past. They band together to forge a newer life in a (still) green planet. 
  5. Game of ThronesApart from obvious reasons, such as my love for the book series, I really, really love this tv show. Usually I’m not a fan of books being made into hows, but this show is so incredibly well done, sometimes I confuse what I’ve read and what has actually happened in the show! Even though it is only available through HBO, I suggest this show to everyone I know that loves fantasy novels. 
  6. American Horror StoryOne of my closer friends got me into this show just before he left the city (miss that kid!). It’s a sort of retro/hipster tv that has horror elements to make it  the love child of a horror movie and tv show. I find the plot enrapturing as well as the characters. The twists and turns kept me on my toes for the entirety of the first season. I love Tate and Nora, lost souls with just enough crazy in them, to be spectacular! I can’t wait for the second season. 
  7. Being Erica: My guilty pleasure and as terrible as it is, I was sad to see this show end. Erica is a woman in her early thirties that finds her life going nowhere and is offered a unique chance to travel through time and change her regrets as a form of therapy. 
  8. Pokemon: A classic as well, there is hardly a kid that was born in the early nineties, that didn’t grow up watching Pokemon. Unless you were me. My mom deemed it “too violent” and I was never allowed to watch the show or play the games. However during my teen years, a good friend lent me his DS and since then I’ve been hooked; on the games, show, movies, everything. But of course, the earlier shows are much better than what ytv is current broadcasting these days.
  9. 6teenI loved this show when it was broadcasting! It was humourous and one of my favourites to turn on. The characters are each unique and independent from the “clique” garbage that Hollywood spews out at teenagers.

ANYHOW; I’m sorry for not posting!

Picture de Jour:

😉 ciao

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The Luck of the Irish

So I spent the day vegging out, relaxing and watching a little Austin Powers, which was amazing, as is to be expected. I’m so glad that I’m finished school, but now I’m a little stressed over my gpa, I mean without it, I won’t be able to continue into my diploma program next year.

So, I love the Black Donnellys, historically, they were a family of Irish that emigrated to Southern Ontario at the end of the 19th Century. And following a bunch of misdemeanors and a huge feud, four of the family members were killed in a massacre one night. It’s crazy, and yet the towns people shunned the history of the massacre for years and only recently started to be more open and honest about the past.

So there’s also this crazy awesome show, set in the early 2000’s~ in New York, where the Black Donnelly’s is a family of four brothers that are consistantly becoming involved in the Irish mob. Its spectacular.

Anyhow, I’m waiting for Game of Thrones, well for someone to upload the fifth episode cause I’m too broke for HBO. It’s awesome, I’m excited, although I personally found the second book in the series, the least entertaining.


So, I guess I’m all done ranting and I shall leave you with the traditional Picture de jour:

😉 ciao

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The Shapes of People

Now, before you get all riled up, saying that I’m shallow and vain etc; hold on- I’m talking about the shape of people’s personalities. You see; it’s a sort of theory I have; and boy do I have plenty of theories! But those can be saved for later:

And now, the shapes of people: See I have a theory that people’s personalities take on forms of basic geometric shapes. Now personalities are never in a fixed state, always changing, always fluid, but I believe that personalities can have a shape which defines aspects of a person’s personality.

Take for example my ex; he is a nice person, or can be- but with a quick temper, a cynical view and a quick sense of humour. I would thus describe his personality as being sharp, with harsh edges and corners.

And then we take the opposite personality type; an easy going person; a pushover, if you will; this person’s personality would be described as soft, circular type personality shape, with  a lack of sharp edges and corners.

And thus is my personality shape theory 🙂 Maybe each night I’ll start delving into my other theories, just for you dearies!

Picture de jour:

😉 ciao

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Myth Directions

You know, I absolutely love salsa, like I’m addicted to it, screw the nachos, I only eat those because I need the salsa. So, its Wednesday! Which means, it’s list day! I know I’ve been fairly quiet and lame lately, but I promise it’s only because it’s finals week at school; and if I’m not at school or studying, I’m trying to wind down and relax. But thank god it’s almost over because some of the people in my class drive me nuts. There’s something about it being so close to the end of school, as if people’s eyes have an extra shine to them (or maybe that’s just the gazillion cups of coffee), but I feel myself accepting the end.

So todays rampage is about the fantasy novels I love- and of course why I enjoy them!

1. Harry Potter

Need I say more? While I am forever a fan, the series actually is how I was taught to read. It is still an important part of my life, and I’ll forever remain a fan. I’ve even gotten my little brother hooked on the series. 

2. Lord of the Rings

I love these movies! But I am referring to the novels here. But although I found this novel difficult to conquer when I was younger, I grew to relish them as a young adult, the plot, the characters, I find it all wonderful.

3. Magic of Xanth

This is hands down, one of my favourite series. With over thirty novels, the books almost seem daunting. Yet when you start with number one and slowly work through them, it comes naturally. The novels are full of bright characters, and wonderfully terrible puns I recommend it to anyone that loves fantasy novels. 

4. Discworld

A more complex series than the ^ above statement. Discworld series is about a planet which is a round disc that lies on the back of a giant turtle, whom swims through space, I mean how crazy badass is that?! 

5. A Song of Fire and Ice

This is one of my favourite series currently. When I was working over the winter, every pay check I’d run out and buy the next novels in the series, and finally I’m stuck waiting for the next one to come out! It’s also a great show on HBO, for anyone who loves drama, and war (and boobs, there’s plenty of boobs). 

6. Chronicles of Narnia

A classic series, one that I have been reading for years of my life and have since passed onto my little sister. I can`t wait to introduce them into the movies, which for the most part, Disney has done a good job with. I would also like to say that even though this is a highly religious series, I admire C. S. Lewis for how he wrote it. 

7. Hunger Games

Since the movie has come out, there has been so much hype about these books. I for one have been reading these novels for a couple of years now, and I find it remarkable for a dystonian future. Many people think that the series is about survival of the fittest, however; I personally feel it follows the theory of all`s fair in love and war; where a romance indeed, sparks a war. 

8. Myth Adventures

This is another series where there is a very clever play on puns. For those who become fans of the Xanth series, I strongly suggest you check of the Myth series by Robert Asprin. It focuses on a young wizard apprentice who suddenly loses his teacher and develops a rather odd new one. Together they set out in the big bad world, one where there are many more worlds, and just as much craziness as multiple worlds can handle.
9. Wheel of Time

A lengthy series, but crazy in both detail and plot. The book can also be a foil for religion, but I prefer not to see it that way. A young and daring man sets out in the world in order to save his sheepish village. Filled with magic and mystery, I love how this series has twists and turns at every leap and yet is filled with unique and developed characters.

I hope you enjoyed my nerdiness dearies!

Picture de Jour:

😉 ciao

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